Sunday, August 22, 2010

Why teen to aviod friendship with matured people?


Matured people have more exposure of life and they often stay calm on many matters being nothing new for them. While teen have lesser exposure of hard realities of life and they become crazy on minor issues. They get impressed by simple things which they have never seen or used before e.g a teen aged girl secretary will feel comfortable with an old boss just because he is having a luxury car and promising her quick promotion in company, increase in salary or presenting her costly gifts e.g new model camera, mobile phone which she never ever had in her life previously. Such incentives by mature people give them a chance to marry younger girls or play with their beauty and fulfill their bad desires illegally.

In recent war against terror, it has been observed that most of the suicide bomb attacks were done by teen agers. Teen are easy to motivate and handy to be used for any purpose or cause. Most of the devastating protests in developing countries are done by motivating college or university students who damage public property during protests. Most of the clever politicians also use teens as their campaigners at gross root level.

Teen people even get ready to do something free of cost just for fun while matured people always looking for financial benefits in every matter. So they use teen people to accomplish big targets on lower costs. Most of the marketing reps of various companies are teen people who keep on wondering the whole day in city areas at lower salaries or just get experience of job for money in future.

So in conclusion, we must increase awareness in teen at school level so that no one can misuse them.

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